At Revive & Thrive Mental Wellness, we offer mental health care services to individuals ranging from ages 13 to 85. We strive to provide the highest quality of compassionate, client-centered, and evidence-based care to all our clients.

We approach the mental health journey a little differently than most. We believe in an individual’s ability to learn, grow, and heal. Even when facing challenges, or wherever you may find yourself in the healing process, our team will be able to assess your circumstances and provide you with the correct diagnosis and tools to improve your wellbeing. We provide a supportive judgment-free environment where our top priority is your mental health.

How We Help

Revive & Thrive Mental Wellness believes in a holistic approach to emotional wellbeing. We have providers specializing in all mental health disciplines, including adolescent mental wellness.

No one heals alone. Our goal is to partner with our patients and their families to uncover their unique strengths and capabilities. This will allow us to utilize our expertise to build a foundation for stability and wellness.

We don’t just “hear” our patients. We listen. Revive & Thrive provides a safe space where our patients can feel trust and compassion, allowing them to open up to a deeper level of emotional wellness.

Get to Know Us

At Revive & Thrive Mental Wellness, We Care

  • Whole Care

    We treat the whole person.
  • Emphatic Care

    We understand our patients.
  • Compassionate Care

    We provide the safe spaces patients need to heal.
  • Acceptable Care

    Our providers provide high-quality, evidence-based medication management services.
  • Respectable Care

    We treat each patient with dignity & respect.
  • Empowerment Care

    Our patients learn to help themselves stay healthy.

No matter where you find yourself, or how you got there, let us help you on your journey to mental wellness!

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Our Team

Francisca Obodo, Practice Medical Director

Psychiatric Mental Health Provider

Samantha Sudano, PMH-CRNP

Psychiatric Mental Health Provider

Caroline Michael

Practice Manager