Our team of caring and compassionate mental health providers are ready to provide evaluations and certifications to help guide you along the path of mental and emotional healing.

Psychiatric Evaluation

What Will a Psychiatric Evaluation Involve?

Your comprehensive psychiatric evaluation will involve an assessment of the behaviors or symptoms that are causing concerns. This includes any symptomatology that is affecting your school or work performance, your relationships with family and friends, or your ability to comfortably interact in social settings.

An in-depth psychiatric interview will uncover your medical history as well as any pertinent family history. Your doctor may order lab tests to rule out any physical reasons for your behaviors or symptoms.

Many patients are experiencing more than one mental health challenge; the best way to understand the root of the problems is a series of professionally administered questions to identify disorders and emotional issues. Once the diagnoses have been uncovered, a unique and specialized treatment plan can be developed that may include therapy, medication, or a combination of both.

Support for Your Family and Loved Ones

Revive & Thrive also supports family members as they take this journey alongside their loved one. It’s very common for family members to blame themselves or question their own actions when someone close to them is diagnosed with an emotional or mental illness. We provide support and stability for family members throughout the entire process.

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