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Medication Management

Medication Management

Medication management covers all aspects of prescribing medication, from finding the most appropriate medication and dosage to monitoring its effectiveness. When a medication is no longer effective, new medications can be prescribed to replace them. This ensures that all patients are receiving the best medication at the right dosage and with minimal to no side effects for the most successful, customized treatment plan.

What if My Medication Isn’t Working?

We may schedule lab tests to measure a medication’s levels in your system, making sure they aren’t too high or too low, which may help us better understand why the medication is no longer working. For some medications, this routine blood level monitoring is necessary even though you feel fine, just to monitor your kidney, heart, or liver functions.

Why Would My Medications Stop Working for Me?

Sometimes, it may just be time for a change. Some medications work well for some patients but not quite as well for others. Different medications may be interacting with your psychiatric medications, reducing their efficacy or causing unwanted side effects, or the dosage might need to be adjusted. We sometimes find that patients aren’t taking the medication properly because of miscommunication.

What Should I do If My Medication Is No Longer Effective?

If you feel that your medications are no longer effectively treating your symptoms, reach out to Revive & Thrive for an appointment to discuss your options.